During April 1997 following the FASTEX field phase several JCMM members
took part in an internal workshop to review the Intensive Observing
Periods (IOPs) and evaluate them from the point of view of JCMM's own
scientific goals while the field phase was still fresh.

We have attempted to provide background information for all the cases of
significant scientific interest, eg.

animations of weather system development,

observation distributions and

brief scientific impressions based upon
                *       real time sounding information
                *       diagnostic information from the UKMO Limited Area 
                        Unified Model (LAM)
                *       Meteosat imagery from the UKMO Autosat system
                *       Sferics (lightning counts) from the UKMO ATD 
                        Sferics system

The results were compiled as a set of web pages providing tables, text
etc. comparing different aspects of weather system study - development,
system morphology, tropopause structure, diabatic processes,
frontogenesis and forecast accuracy for all cases, particularly those of
major scientific interest.

The team who took part in this exercise were :

UKMO :                  University of Reading :
        Sid Clough                              Hannah Birkett
        Tim Hewson                              Jean-Pierre Chaboureau
        Humphrey Lean                           Richard Dixon
        Nigel Roberts                           Morwenna Griffiths
                                                Andrea Montani

The conclusions given on the IOPs are based upon this brief and timely
examination, and are thus not to be regarded as fully considered but to
provide general guidance for more detailed studies. We attempted
wherever possible to use objective diagnostic measures to compare the
cases but because of limited time some inhomogeneity is unavoidable,
particularly in the viewpoints expressed in text because of differences
in experience and specialisation of the participants. 

Sid Clough (saclough@meto.gov.uk) 22/07/97

Humphrey W Lean | | hwlean@meto.gov.uk