Key to IOP Animations

IR Satellite, PMSL, fronts animations

Greyscale background gives IR Satellite image at 3 hr intervals (may not be available for all animations). The thin black contours are Pressure at Mean Sea Level at corresponding times taken from alternately model analyses and T+3 forecasts. Red and Blue lines are objective fronts analysed from the model fields - red indicates warm fronts, blue cold fronts with broken lines representing upper fronts. For IOPs which were presented at the final presentation approximate flight tracks are also shown as green lines which appear for the few frames of the flight time.

700mb Vertical velocity, PMSL, PV 2 height animations

Coloured background field is 700mb vertical velocity taken from model analyses and T+3 forecasts. Thick white contours are Mean Sea Level Pressure and theck red contours are height of the PV=2 surface.

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